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You will leave our clinic lice-free in the shortest time possible with the most effective and economical treatment.  Over 850,000 successful treatments performed.  We stand behind our service!  In the unlikely event of treatment failure – we will retreat you for FREE.

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When the lil’ Yelper got lice we immediately went to the internet to look up all of the treatment options. We bought some home treatments and some combs and started treating immediately. Somewhere in the process my wife caught a few in her hair and, since I couldn’t cut her hair like I did for the lil’ Yelper, we decided to call this place for a removal procedure. We called after midnight and left a voice message to book an appointment for the next day. They called back immediately (around 12:01 am) and we set up an appointment for the morning. How efficient is that!

We went in and the place is super clean. They have a nice waiting area and offered a flat screen device with Netflix for the lil’ Yelper. The procedure went smoothly. It’s like a giant hair dryer and there’s no pain involved. Took about 30 minutes for that part and about 30 minutes for the comb out. They put an oil on the head that needs to sit for 2 hours and then be rinsed off with some dish soap to cut the oil. Shampoo after that. The lady checked all of our heads and we are all lice free. It is nice to have someone confirm that and not have to worry about if you combed them all out or not.

It’s a premium price, but that’s what FSA dollars are for:) Couldn’t be happier with the smooth procedure and quick service. They do have home treatment options for purchase in the store if you’d like to treat at home. The comb they sell is the best – don’t bother with any other comb other than the Terminator. Trust me.

Jason P.San Jose, CA


Tien is wonderful. I came to her at my wits end because I found nits in my two girls hair (ages 4 and 9). The over the counter (OTC) methods I tried said I had to comb through their hair with a fine metal toothed comb in 1 inch sections for 10 days straight with a retreat men to after 7-10 days. There was no way I could do that, and there was no guarantee that my kids would be good after everything.

So I went on trusty google and found Nitzy’s  and it was a Godsend. She has the airalle  machine that effectively kills all the bugs and nits, she follows it up with a very thorough comb through then an oil mixture that she sent us home in with instructions on home cleaning, when to take the oil out. Etc. No DAILY combings, no retreatment, no chemicals. Just ONE AND DONE.

She answered all of my questions. She even checked me for nits just in case. Thankfully I had nothing but we put the oil in my hair as a preventative measure.

The girls sat in her salon style chair getting top tier treatment. She had iPads for each of my girls to rep them occupied during the process.

For the amount I paid. My kids received professional  treatment.  I received peace of mind knowing that my children are nit and bug free. She gives you a 30 day guarantee. For any reason if you think they still have nits she will come through for you.

She’s wonderful. Personable and always ready to reassure me, because nothing ups the mom paranoia like a lice infestation.

Thank you Tien. Considering what we came in for, we had an awesome time with you.

Sherilene T.San Jose, CA


Tien was super helpful!!
We did not have any live or nits, thank god , but she did a very through check to make us all feel good!
The place is super clean and very welcoming.
Tien answered to all my crazy questions which was really nice.
I called late on Sat night since she was the only place opened and opened her store earlier to accommodate our schedule.
The other benefit is that she offers AirAlle which is a heat treatment instead of chemical treatment. Which kills 99% of nits, so you don’t have to do the follow up like when you only do comb. She also carries organic and natural items so it made me very good about it as well.
Highly recommended if you ever need to go for a check or treatment.

A I.Palo Alto, CA


Incredible customer service! We found nits in my daughter’s hair and called in a panic 30 minutes before closing late at night. Tien happened to be working on another customer at the time, she was very understanding and empathetic about our situation. She agreed to have us come in for treatment later that night, and because she’s working on another client, she also called her assistant to work extra late for us! Additionally the AirAlle heat treatment guaranteed to kill all nits in one treatment, no repeated visits necessary! To top it off, the oil and conditioners used all have very plesant smells and did not smell like mint or Tea Tree so others couldn’t tell she was just treated for lice. Overall we were super happy with the service and would highly recommend this place!

Fanny A.Saratoga, CA
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