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  • A Nitzy Technician will carefully inspect every hair on your head!
  • If evidence of lice is found, and a treatment plan is chosen, there is no charge for the head check.




Family Rate Head Check

  • Reduced-Rate Head Checks offered to family members of individuals who are being treated by Nitzy.
  • Because Lice Spreads very quickly through a household, it is imperative that everyone in the house is checked when there is a confirmed case of head lice.



AirAllé ™ Treatment

  • The AirAllé™ Treatment is the only treatment option available that requires no follow up and comes with a 21-day guarantee!-
  • 30-Minute AirAllé™ Treatment performed by a Certified AirAllé™ Operator.
  • Full Comb Out included in price, to remove all remnants of dead lice and nits, followed by application of a non-toxic silicone lice suffocating solution.
  • All household members must be checked and cleared or treated by a Nitzy Technician for our guarantee to be valid.
  • We think you should know that other lice removal services who do not use the AirAlle Device will charge on average $100 per hour to painstakingly remove the nits by hand, and they require that you come back for 2nd and 3rd follow ups at the same rate. They can not guarantee a One-Single treatment like we do.


$210 Waistlong hair



Traditional Comb Out

  • Children under the age of 4, and certain other individuals cannot receive a AirAllé™ (formerly known as the LouseBuster™) Treatment. In these cases, a traditional comb-out may be the best option.
  • Your Nitzy Technician will use a very thorough, strand-by-strand method of lice removal.
  • Nitzy uses an enzyme-rich combing solution to help aide in nit removal, and applies Lice-Sense, an incredibly strong and completely non-toxic lice-suffocating oil.
  • This treatment option requires follow-up and work on your part, or another combout treatment from us.
  • This is NOT a One-Time treatment.



Do-It-Yourself Head Lice Treatment and Removal

  • Our Most Affordable Treatment Option!
  • Every tool we use in our Traditional Comb-Out is available to you for purchase.
  • Because there is no scientific method required to comb, you can do it yourself! The only requirement is an honest commitment to putting in the work!
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House Cleaning Education

  • Essential Housecleaning Education is provided to you free of charge with the purchase of any of our services.
  • Simple and Effective House Cleaning Advice will leave you feeling completely in control of this stressful situation.

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