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Jennifer Garner meets George Clooney with Head Lice

We love Jennifer and how she's so down to earth. "Even stars get head lice"


With today's blended families, a case of head lice involves more than one household.  Funny perspective from a comedian.


Nit Happens!

3 out of 4 people I talk to would tell me that they have had an encounter with head lice at some point in their life.  Even though it's a common and harmless 'ailment', the emotional impact resulting from a case of lice infestation can be frustrating, especially for parents of elementary school children.
That's why we love that we can help families deal with this in the quickest and most painless way.
We also love to see how kids take it all in stride; how they just settle in to enjoy a lollipop (or 2 or 3) while we work at removing the tiny little critters.  And we learn a lot from the kids as well.  Most of all, we learn that we all should be more like them, carefree and happy, loving all that life has to offer.   

To that end,  I try to find the humor in everything, even in head lice. So this space will be dedicated to all things funny about Head Lice.

After all, if we can't laugh at ourselves or our situation,  then at least we can laugh at the Lice.