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How to remove Head Lice

 Do-It-Yourself Lice Removal Treatments Work: Time and Commitment Required


Nitzy Head Lice Treatment Center professionals are always ready to assist you in eradicating an infestation of head lice. However, we know that you may wish to handle the problem yourself. We have good news for the do-it-yourselfer! All of the products that we use are available for you to purchase. The cost is similar to what you might spend on over-the counter products, and these professional grade tools are much more effective.


Here’s the best method for treating head lice yourself:

Most people prefer a non-toxic, pesticide-free approach, and the good news is, you absolutely do not need to use harsh pesticides for head lice treatments. In fact, these chemicals are not even effective, as the bugs have developed a resistance to the pesticides. All you need are the right tools, and an honest effort at putting in the hard work. At Nitzy, we sell all of the tools that we use in the comb out process. A high quality lice comb, conditioning combing-solution, and a dimethicone oil solution is all you need to do it yourself. According to some studies, and enzyme-rich combing solution, blended with common hair conditioner will stun head lice and slow their movement for approximately 20 minutes. The conditioners also make it more difficult for the head lice to hold on to the hair shaft, and the enzymes actually eat away at the glue that cements the nits to the hair shaft. This type of solultion, combined with a high quality lice comb, will make removing lice and nits much easier.


Here’s how the conditioner and hair comb method works…


1.  Gather your tools

A lamp that can be moved around the head is the best substitute for daylight. You will need a regular comb, but the most important tool is a good lice comb. We recommend the Terminator Comb that is used by professionals. This high-quality metal comb features ultra-close serrated prongs for effective removal of nits. A thick, combing solution is used to saturate the roots of the hair. A hand towel, paper towels, and a bowl of water are also needed.


2.  Kill the live bugs

“Lice Sense”, Our Dimethicone Oil solution is incredibly effective at killing live bugs. We recommend that you use this solution first, as it will minimize the chances of cross-contamination. Simply saturate the scalp with two ounces of the oil, let sit for ten minutes, and wash out. This oil works by suffocating lice. Dimethicone is simply a type of silicone, and is blended to be a specific viscosity so that it quickly coats the bugs breathing apparatus. It literally stops bugs in their track and it is completely non-toxic.

After about 20 minutes, wash and dry hair.


3.  Prepare the subject for combing

Place a towel around the shoulders. Make sure to have paper towels and a bowl of water close by. Apply the combing solution to dry hair. Make sure that it soaks the hair from the ends to the scalp. Use a regular comb to untangle the hair.


4.  Do the comb-out

Separate long hair into three sections. It is important to stay organized, so we recommend that you always start with the right front section of hair. Starting with the teeth of the head lice comb as close to the scalp as possible, comb through the hair in very small sections. You want to gently scrape the comb across the scalp, as lice and nits are usually found very close to the head. Pin up each section after combing. After each swipe, place the comb in the bowl of water, and fan it out with your fingernail, and then wipe the head lice comb with tissues or paper towels to keep it clean. You wouldn’t want to remove something and then put it back in there! Once you have thoroughly combed this right front section, tie the entire section up and move to the back of the head. Continue the combing process in each section.


5.  Clean your tools

Throw away all tissues or paper towels. The towel should be washed in hot water and dried in a dryer to kill any lice that may have landed on it. Any combs that were used should be soaked in a bleach solution or vinegar for 30 minutes, or they can be boiled in water for ten minutes.

6.  Continue treatment

The combing process should continue every day for 10 days. As you continue each day, you will notice that the process is going much faster, as you are removing fewer and fewer nits. Even if you haven’t seen anything for a few days, don’t stop until the entire 10 days has passed. You must follow the full life cycle of the eggs if you want to guarantee success. Additionally, you should reapply our “Lice Sense” Dimethicone Oil Solution on days 5 and 10. This way, you will be killing any baby bugs (nymphs) just as they have hatched, but before they reach maturity and begin laying new eggs.